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My Story


Firstly, thanks for venturing into my little space! 

I'm Maddy, the 5'' 3.5' (let's just round it up and say 5''4) tall face of Mocha and Loft Photography. Having grown up and lived in 8 different countries before calling Chicago home, I can safely say that I've got a travel bug permanently attached to me. You'll also see that my husband and Ramen (my cavoodle fur child) are often featured as my photography subjects. Well, who can blame me?

In April 2021, we were blessed with a new family member, Rehan who is now the cheekiest little toddler.

The first time I held a camera was 10 years ago. The feeling I got back then from being behind a lens is the same feeling I can describe as having even now. Suddenly, I'm the quiet observer filtering through all the layers that seem the way they are to the outside world. Peeling through all those layers is where I try and find a raw and pure moment. I believe that simple and honest moments are simply irreplaceable and reflect power, beauty and love.

If I were to describe my style, it would be lifestyle and documentary with lots of personality. I like to be the fly on the wall, seeing moments as they unfold rather than staging them. What you will receive is a short story, with touches of whimsy and class. I shoot all digital using professional gear and in natural light most of the time as I absolutely love the fresh look of it. All your images will have a personal touch as they will be processed by me, with lots of care.

When people ask me why I do what I do, the simplest answer is I love the feeling I get when I hand these memories over to people. My hope is that my images make you remember what it was like and most importantly, how you felt behind every special moment.

Thank you for taking time out to read this - feel free to have a wander and check out my work. If you have any questions or would like to have a chat, do get in touch!

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